benches and concrete slabs on summit of Blueberry hill

Picnic tables and concrete slabs on summit of Blueberry hill

Phelon Memorial Forest is located on North Lane off of rt 57 in Granville Ma.  The great thing about this hike is that you can get a spectacular view of 5 states with a walk of little more than a quarter mile.  I parked on the east side of North Road in a parking lot one and a half miles down the road from rt 57.  The parking lot is noticeable because it is a short sharp uphill dirt road to the small lot.  Once parked you will seed the sign for the forest.  Walk up hill and you will shortly come to several paths that will lead you to a gigantic 54 acre field on the summit which has a huge view of the Pioneer valley and beyond.

Known locally as Blueberry hill the the 1476 foot summit is owned by the New England Forestry Foundation.  The summit is a fantastic place for bird watching and raptor viewing as it is on a migration route.  Star gazing is also fantastic from this location because its remote location cuts down on light pollution and its clear horizon lines provide unobstructed views.  Many ham radio operators also use the summit for their amateur broadcasts as well.

A longer hike can be made of this by walking up the gas line that is near the intersection of Blandford or Wendy roads.

Large Boulder near summit

Large boulder near summit