I hiked up Sodom Mountain from the trail head in Granville, ma near the Powerlines. The trail I took up is very steep and is the most apparent one from the parking lot and I really do not recommend it. The better way up is if you follow the trail along the parking lot it will split upwards shortly and go up at a more gentle pace. This trail kind of fades in and out but is always there you just have to pay attention. Another way to the summit is from the bottom of the mountain off of rt 57 in southwick but that option adds considerable vertical, also you could just hike up the gas line and keep looking to you left and just as the line gets real steep you will see a left off in the woods which will take you up a switch back to the summit of the gasline.

Once you hit the gas line check out the views both ways and then look for a pile of rock or a prominent little bluff and this will take you to the rocky outcropping overlook about a mile away. On the way there you will pass a cell tower and its maintenance road, cross it and in a about a half mile you will come to the cliff view. There are some paint trail markings but they are faint and kind of randomly placed so follow them and your gut instinct.

Another two miles past the cliff view is Sodom Mountain road. Heavy logging has been done here but the trail is still intact. Because of the logging there are some views of the valley here but they are limited in nature and I am pretty sure this is all private property of some sort. You can park your car by the gate here if you want and it is a quarter-mile in to the trail head. This trail head is not shown on my map.

On this hike I also crossed the road and walked down into the Granville Gorge which is beautiful and mysterious unfortunately there are not trails on the other side of the brook from here to get to the Drake Mountain Trail system.