Started the year by skiing at Stratton in VT.  It was about 70 percent open great conditions relatively cold, got to wear my new cold weather gear which performed admirably.  Still had cold toes though.

No wipe outs!!!  New skis performed great.  Dynastar Legends, they  ski very similarly to my old k2 mods but they spread they’re bite out more so it does not feel like I am as connected to the mountain as before, this is good and bad and I do not know how I feel about it yet.  They get the job done it just does not feel like they are doing it, it is like skiing an automatic car.


Alpine Valley Resort

Skied in Wisconsin at a little place called Alpine Valley.  Granted in Wisconsin they are all small even by Southern New England standards, but skiing is skiing and I would be dammed if I would have christmas vacation go by without skiing at all.

335 vertical about a dozen distinct trail with a similar amount of connectors.  Some fairly steep sections wide trails, really well groomed and nice edgeable hard pack snow.Wind that day was about 30- 40 mph on occasion and was blowing up hill which in some cases slowed me down or stopped me, which is kind of a first.  All the snow blew back up hill so conditions remained excellent.

Ticket prices even on a holiday were 35  and rentals were like 25.  I rented a snowboard to give myself a little challenge, no falls no problems nice to know I still got it after not riding for three years.


Went to ski sundown 625 vertical my favorite local mountain. Sundown is a  really well laid out mountain for such small vertical.  Generally about three hours is all i can take of it before getting bored but it was fun and I got a free lift ticket cause I skied with our school kids.  I want more snow here so I can seek out the fabled hidden glades off of gunbarrel.


Skied Catamount, MA 1000 vertical.

Completely mobbed on the Sunday of MLK weekend, I know this is to be expected and the mountain absorbed the crowds relatively well but it still was the most crowded I have ever seen it.  Lift lines were 5 minutes.  They have proposed a whole new base village, I hope they do crowds like today show how undersized its infrastructure is.  Still, it is probably in the top 3 ski mountains in southern New England and only an hour away.

Skiing conditions were edgeable groomed hard pack with bits of soft ice and some powder puffs every now and then to slow down in, actually more enjoyable then  I describe it.  Cloudy skies and eventual snow made light conditions the biggest threat I could not read any of the features today and skied very tenatively.

DAY 5 Skied Stratton

Crystal clear skies, sunny realtively warm, near perfect day weather wise.  Trail conditions were awesome as well.  Super crowded even for stratton but fortunately their lift system is so good that the wait for lifts was never more than 7 minutes or so.  The exception I heard was the gondola, but that is always a nightmare so we never bothered. Bonus we skied for free cause they never scanned our X2 card.  We skied only the upper lifts which are not scanned and it all worked out.  Mental not to stratton get rfid readers and rfid chips in all your cards and lifts that way no one will be able to scam buy like me .  Also rfid is good because they staff used to scan tickets slows lines.  You should still have staff checking tickets but just visually.  The electronic scans are just to much of an impediment.


Skied at Blandford today which is in Blandford Ma.  Suprisingly good conditions for a local ski club non profit place especially considering the low snowfall we had this year.  Blandford only has like 465 vertical but it is very wide and has a great diversity of trails for such a small place.

Snow boarded today to mix it up and make the small place more interesting.  Really did anumbe on my knees though.  Do not know if it is because i skied two days in a row or whether it is casuse of snow boarding but ouch.

Ski Mohawk

Cornwall, Ct

Small mountain big powder.  Hit Mohawk after maybe 10 years absence forgot how cute it is.  Small mountain 650 vert technically the biggest in ct but sundown skis much bigger and is a much more interesting mountain.  They got about 7 inches of powder so it was my first powder day of the year and my new skis handled the pow well.  Skied into a coil of wire hidden in the pow and fell.  Did not hurt myself and i was off trail so i could not get mad but i notified management and told them they should be more careful.  Lots of little tree shots by the side of the trails and a little mini glade above the mid mountain restraunt made it fun. Would not go back unless i had a specific reason or cheap tickets, other better mountain are closer.

Ski Butternut

Great Barrington, Ma

Windy,  crowded, slow lifts, fifteen minute lift lines mobbed slopes.  Avoid in the future during february break.  Lots of new mini glades here as well and I noticed a larfer one off of the lower mountain above the tubing area.  Must check out.